Kayden's Story

On September 20th 2015 the Yount family was blessed with the birth of little Kayden Wesley Yount. He is an incredible little guy, and we are all so incredibly grateful to God for him and the person he is becoming.

The family began to notice that Kayden had somewhat of a lazy right eye. Thinking it was a small thing, he was taken to the Ophthalmologist on Monday, March 28th 2016. Life changed suddenly, and the family is still adjusting to the reality of it all. We all learned that day that Kayden had very minimal eyesight, as well as a large tumor on the retina of his right eye. 

Kayden was immediately set up with an appointment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) the following day where it was confirmed. Kayden was diagnosed with stage C retinoblastoma, a very rare form of cancer in his right eye. One in every 18,000 children are diagnosed with this particular form of cancer, and about 300 kids are diagnosed per year in the United States. Kayden is one of the youngest cases of retinoblastoma the doctors have encountered in a quite a long time. Things changed quite suddenly at this news. The Yount family was originally told by the doctor that the priorities were and are to save his life, then his eye, then his eyesight. In some ways, it does not yet seem real, but life has changed.
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On September 20th 2015 the Yount family was blessed with the birth of little Kayden Wesley Yount. He is an incredible little guy, and we are all so incredibly grateful to God for him and the person he has, and is becoming over the course of his journey . . .
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Retinoblastoma is a rare form of eye cancer that forms in the retina (the lining on the inside of the eye). Retinoblastoma is typically diagnosed in young children and can develop in one or both eyes . . .
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If you’ve had family members or close friends undergo cancer treatment, you understand the financial burden that it can place on the entire family. Treating cancer can create significant
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Latest Updates on Kayden

  1. November 10th 2017
    10 Nov, 2017
    November 10th 2017
    Kayden had his eye exam yesterday at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  Eye exam days start before the sun rises and it generally takes anywhere from two to three hours to get into Los Angeles.  A sleeping Kayden is gently placed in his car seat, and we try hard to keep quiet so he can peacefully stay asleep.  Like most growing little boys Kayden wakes up hungry in the morning, so staying asleep helps since he is unable to have food past midnight.  Kayden woke up about halfway there so we
  2. October 4th 2017
    04 Oct, 2017
    October 4th 2017
    Hello Family and Friends, We wanted to provide an update on Kayden. He has been doing very well! On September 20th, Kayden turned two! He got to spend the day at Disneyland with his parents. Also, many family spent the prior Saturday celebrating, and it was a wonderful time for everyone to be together. His birthday was themed after “Oh Two-dles” Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  This past week, Kayden went into CHLA for his eye exam and laser treatment. The doctor was pleased with the scan, and
  3. August 24th 2017
    24 Aug, 2017
    August 24th 2017
    It has been a month since we shared news about Kayden and how well he responded to his final round of chemotherapy. This past week was CHLA week and just today we laughed with the nurses again, convinced that Kayden’s last round of chemo was filled with sugar.   On Tuesday Kayden, Meghan and Grandpa made the drive to CHLA for his monthly oncology appointment. Kayden’s bubbly, determined and daredevil personality flares with excitement as he associates the ”SHISH” (fish) with CHLA. The first
  4. 7 August 2017
    07 Aug, 2017
    7 August 2017
    Hey Family and Friends! We are deeply grateful for the many ways that you have rallied in support of Kayden and the Yount family! Much of the time, these updates surround significant medical procedures. However, we want to recognize the value of the day to day too. It is so cool to share that the final round of chemotherapy has seemingly had no noticeable affect Kayden’s character, as well as his energy. It is almost as though the doctors gave him sugar water! On top of that, Kayden’s blood
  5. July 28th Update - Last Day of Chemo!!!
    28 Jul, 2017
    July 28th Update - Last Day of Chemo!!!
    Hello everyone, This week, Kayden went back to CHLA for his third round of chemotherapy and more laser treatments. The week started off with Kayden’s oncology appointment on Tuesday. This was the first time Kayden showed more interest than fear while they took his vitals. Kayden’s vitals were great, but he still tested positive for the gastrointestinal virus. Tommy was also able to donate blood during this time, should Kayden need it for a possible blood transfusion. Thursday was back to
  6. July 12th 2017
    12 Jul, 2017
    July 12th 2017
    Hello all, It’s Auntie Arletia here! I was so honored when asked to write the update for Kayden last week and enjoyed doing so, I asked Meghan and Tommy if I could do the next one so, here we are. I just wanted to share a quick little update on our sweet little Kayden since I’ve been home. On Monday, July 3rd, Kayden’s fever returned. Meghan called the wonderful nurses on-call at CHLA and they advised Meghan that she needed to bring Kayden down. When a cancer patient is going through chemo, a
  7. July 1st 2017 – By Auntie Arletia
    01 Jul, 2017
    July 1st 2017 – By Auntie Arletia
    Hi Everyone, This is Auntie Arletia from Texas, and I am super grateful to have been able to spend the week out here in California for Kayden’s 5th round of chemotherapy. Here is a run through of the experience this week. TUESDAY As I was getting ready to head to the airport to go be with the Yount & McKeown families for Kayden’s 5th round of chemotherapy, I received a text from Meg that Kayden woke up from a nap with a fever. Meghan had been in close communication with Kayden’s doctors, and
  8. June 18th 2017
    18 Jun, 2017
    June 18th 2017
    Happy Fathers Day! We wanted to go ahead and share an update on Kayden and his family. He had his first round of chemotherapy of the year two weeks ago. And, it was around a year ago that his previous series of rounds wrapped up. He will head back to CHLA on June 28th for round two. The family is definitely experiencing the changes this brings to their weekly rhythms even in comparison to last years treatments. Meghan and Tommy, however, are great parents who model teamwork incredibly well.
  9. May 25th 2017
    25 May, 2017
    May 25th 2017
    Hello Family and Friends, We wanted to give you an update on Kayden. This past season has consisted of visits to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for regular laser treatments to his right eye. The aim of treatments has been to rid Kayden of all active cancer cells in his right eye. The difficulty can come as it relates to the rate of cell growth in comparison to the treatments. Kayden went to CHLA today, and after his treatment the team of his doctors determined that the best course of
  10. May 4th 2017
    04 May, 2017
    May 4th 2017
    Hello everyone, It’s been a couple months since we’ve posted an update. In early April, Kayden had a stable eye exam where his ophthalmologist performed the laser treatment on his eye and examined his eye to determine the next steps that need to be taken. In late April, Kayden had an appointment with the oncologist who was pushing for chemotherapy again, but Kayden’s ophthalmologist wanted to wait a little longer before they decided to go down that route again. The oncologist also advised
  11. It's Been One Year
    28 Mar, 2017
    It's Been One Year
    Our life forever changed one year ago today (March 28th, 2016). Kayden and I woke up for a Monday that was busier than normal. We headed over to the pediatrician for a morning appointment and for his six-month shots. After that, we went home for lunch and a nap before heading to Claremont for a pre-scheduled eye exam to get an answer as to why he had a lazy eye. After the exam, we were scheduled to meet daddy at our tax appointment. Kayden and I went to the eye specialist just the two of us
  12. March 16th 2017
    16 Mar, 2017
    March 16th 2017
    Hello Family and Friends, It’s the day before St. Patrick’s day, and Kayden was all smiles on the drive to Children’s Hospital. It is mornings like this that remind us of the gratitude that we carry, and the blessing Kayden is. Everyday he teaches us something new. Two weeks ago Kayden went in for procedures on his right eye. After learning that there were two new sections of tumor growth, he underwent laser treatments to attempt to reverse the growth. It was an unexpected setback, and his
  13. March 2nd 2017
    02 Mar, 2017
    March 2nd 2017
    Hello Family and Friends, We hope this update finds you all well. It is an unbelievable thing to think that we are approaching the one year mark of Kayden being diagnosed with retinoblastoma in his right eye last year on March 28th 2016. What a year it has been: diagnosis, regular eye treatments, port surgery, chemotherapy for several months, the gratitude that comes with ending chemotherapy, celebrating milestones, crawling, port removal, first words, and walking. Kayden is a wonderful little
  14. January 19th 2017
    19 Jan, 2017
    January 19th 2017
    First, thank you to the many who continue to ask about and pray for Kayden. Our last update was October 30th and we appreciate everyone who follows along with love and support. The Yount family is coming up to the one-year mark since Kayden’s diagnosis and the next update will most certainly be a look at the last year. Kayden has had two procedures since we have written and the Yount family takes each procedure one at a time. Not much has changed for Kayden’s retinoblastoma since October and it
  15. October 30th 2016
    30 Oct, 2016
    October 30th 2016
    On Thursday October 27th Kayden, Meghan and Tommy went to Children’s Hospital for his monthly eye exam. This month’s exam didn’t come with any big surprises, thank goodness! Kayden’s pediatric cancer ophthalmologist treated his tumor with laser treatment and focused on a suspicious spot. Something new Meghan and Tommy learned was that each time a single spot is treated it is focused on three consecutive times to ensure the cancer in that spot is fully treated. Kayden’s eye has become very
  16. October 22nd 2016
    22 Oct, 2016
    October 22nd 2016
    Hi everyone,  On Thursday, October 13th, Kayden went in for a scheduled MRI. When he woke up, he was SO happy! With a smile on his face, he said hi to everyone he saw. This little guy’s spirit is remarkable. Last weekend in the midst of a family party, Kayden came down with the stomach flu. He was very sick for a few days, but had managed to bounce back just fine. He also happened to share it with twelve other people in the family, including his Tante visiting from Germany. Sorry, Tante
  17. Kayden is One!
    06 Oct, 2016
    Kayden is One!
    Hello Family and Friends, It has been a while since we have written an update. We’ve got lots of pictures too. So here we go… Over a year ago Meghan and Tommy were excited to welcome their newborn, Kayden Wesley Yount and recently they celebrated Kayden’s first birthday. What a year it has been, and one that has etched memories of much joy from little Kayden. Through this past year Kayden has journeyed through all the normal baby milestones. He smiled, he rolled over and sat up for the first
  18. August 26th 2016
    26 Aug, 2016
    August 26th 2016
    Hello Family and Friends! We have some great news to share, as well as some unpleasant news too. On Thursday morning Kayden had his monthly sedated eye procedure, and the unpleasant news is that another small tumor has formed. The doctor thinks that this was a “seed” from the original tumor that was in the fluid around the original tumor that reattached in a new location within Kayden’s right eye. It did surprise him that the chemotherapy did not get it. Last month there was concern about the
  19. August 23rd 2016
    23 Aug, 2016
    August 23rd 2016
    It’s another procedure week and we wanted to update you on little Kayden. We are grateful for the blessing that life has been going well in between the weeks leading up to Hospital visits. This Thursday Kayden will be on his way to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Kayden is so much of fun! He makes us all laugh endlessly and his little smile is contagious. He is thriving already with his imaginative personality and well-mannered disposition. He also has some pretty strong legs, and easily
  20. August 4th 2016
    04 Aug, 2016
    August 4th 2016
    Last week Kayden went in for his monthly eye procedure. Being the active and friendly little guy Kayden is he promptly said “Hi” to every nurse or doctor that walked by him. Yes, it is officially Kayden’s first word. After a month without chemotherapy, we were anxious about what the most recent eye examination would show regarding the state of the tumor. We are glad to share that the results of Kayden’s recent eye procedure were good. We are also glad that he does not have to have chemotherapy